Wall and floor tiles


Breakfast with the children, early lunch with the young ladies, candlelit supper for two, our kitchen architects will give you a kitchen arrangement that suits your way of life. Life rotates around the kitchen – that is the reason we give you something with incredible machines, as well as something that is close to home and pleasant to utilize all stuff.

When we have a remarkable designs from our contemporary or great range, you'll likewise need to unwind, read, work, watch films and have the family finished to engage! Over this, our group will help you any outline thoughts, give you an administration that is custom-made to your estimations, and be with you at all times your fantasy kitchen!.

Stylish Rooms

Our new scopes of contemporary, in vogue kitchens cover styles to suit everybody's taste. We can supply our outstanding styles of tiles in Pakistan, Derby, and encompassing territories. From the spotless lines and object free Porter piece style way to the ultra-current Remo, you can rest guaranteed of finding an outline truth is stranger than fiction for your home.

Classic Quality rooms

A great kitchen will work flawlessly in your home, regardless of whether it's little or expansive, city or nation, period or current. We not just supply fitted kitchens in Pakistan. We likewise supply in Derby, and encompassing regions with attractive extents, watchful scrupulousness and a trace of wistfulness all add to the immortal interest of these style top picks. All worked to last and intended for enduring great looks as well.

Floor Solutions

Floor designs and solutions defines innovation and committed services in commercial Kitchen Equipment. We have evolved in to a real solution makers by providing a True support, solution and supply of floor Equipment within the economic Budget of today’s market situation. Our success is very simple with a transparent And focused approach to the client by our dedicated sales team with Technical Team backing up with Experience to counter the situation of operation within the Time.

Well Designed Equipments

Namco presents all sorts of equipments which qualifies the taste of customers, the materials used in branded products are amzingly splendid, which brings our customers to us because the people likes the well designed equipments which can be fulfilled by us. Our designs are different accorrding to market demands and needs.