Faucet and Accessories


Accessories includes all the stuff like grout, tile fillings, apoxy grout, spacer, connection pipes, board kits etc. These accessories are necessarily available to everyone at every cost but namco provides excellent piece of products, which will utilizable after several years.

The Products available in namco stock are all imported accessories, like spain, malaysia, turkey and china. The withholding accessories are in good stuff because namco never compromises upon its quality, texture and comfort.

Fine Quality

Now a days the products which can depreciate upto long time are in demand. The products which are made under high intensity are considered to be high tech. Namco have almost all the products whose have Marvellous Quality and the material work is outstanding, so the customers wants the reliable, exotic and stylish work.

Pure Material

Most of the products like taps, pipes, showers, muslim showers if available in steel have pure steel used. Namco will never compromise on its product. The products which are made of steel are usually rot in time but namco steel products are perfectly coated.

Dust Protected

The products which are in contact with water will rot after some time but if you have namco products then it is guaranted that your product will never get fungal because namco products are highly well coated, polished and stylish. Because namco have imported products which are made under fime environment and have fine quality.

Weather Protected

the sanitary products will gets affected by the weather after some time. But Namco products do not allows the air polutants to rot the products even at the most odd situations. So people prefer the namco products even used i their washrooms and at homes.